Passionately crafting natural home decor 

Tattva means element, and we are inspired by nature’s 5 elements- earth, water, fire, air, and space. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary with Tattva's unique creations.

Born from a deep-seated passion for crafting captivating natural home decor, Tattva is more than a brand; it's a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship! Our curated collection reflects the essence of mindful living, each piece thoughtfully handcrafted by local artisans using locally sourced materials.

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Savoir Faire

A showcase of our limited edition artifacts for the select discerning few.

Table styling workshop

For the curious ones who wish to create breath-taking table styles at home.


  • Sohini Poddar
    TATTVA IS MY TO GO BRAND FOR HOME DECOR. They keep the most exquisite and timeless pieces. The ganesha centerpiece is my absolute favorite. Tattva products are a beautiful blend of traditional art and contemporary style for your home. Looking forward to more tattva products in the near future.
    Sohini Poddar
  • Suman Manaksia
    TATTVA IS A NICHE BRAND WITH A HEART OF A HOMEMAKER. It understands how a house when set up with tattva's products becomes a welcoming home for everyone. It exudes positivity as it's products are made of materials that are natural and have the rustic beauty of the environment. Thank you for making such lovely products!
    Suman Manaksia
  • Gauri Bajoria Ahuja
    TATTVA BY SUDHA DALMIA & RACHNA BANSAL TRANSPORTS METO A CONCEPT STORE IN BALI. Very organic and beautifully crafted by local karigars adding a great asthetic to your home. Everything ranging from serveware to curating gifting solutions this is my absolute favorite home grown brand.
    Gauri Bajoria Ahuja
  • Radhika Banka
    I have bought a host of Tattva items--their wooden platters, bandhanvars, and jete mats are my favourites. Every item is unique in design, you won't find anything similar anywhere. The quality and finish is unparalleled. Tattva bhi's home products add a touch of speciality to every occasion and I love to decorate my home with Tattva's timeless collection
    Radhika Banka